Candace dating parker shelden williams

Their best player and a woman who had 33 points on the game, failed to touch the ball.

Buzz Feed has video for those who have never seen a WNBA game.

They are both basketball stars from Duke University.

Even though Candace had many affairs and was linked with many men in the past, she chose Sheldon as her life partner.

They met when Candace made an official recruiting visit to Duke University.

Candace ended up attending the University of Tennessee, and they began a relationship two years after they first met.

It was just last month that WNBA superstar Candace Parker celebrated one of the biggest moments in her career. To cap off the victory, she was awarded the 2016 Finals MVP award.

Sparks, defeated the Minnesota Lynx to win the WNBA championship.

They are the ultimate 'couple goals' to the entire sports lovers and an inspiration to the couples around the globe.

His wife fails to get the crucial last touch of the game and we have tweets like this.

At this point, we imagine Williams took a cold shower, had a few chill pills and came down from his conniption fit Parker nearly got the Sparks to the finals, but it will be the final play that will be talked about all offseason.

Never doubt a WNBA game can invoke a great deal of passion and Twitter lunacy, because former NBA player Shelden Williams blew up the social media sphere after his wife failed to get the last shot in a conference final game.

Buzz Feed spotted the one Twitter feed that was extremely passionate about the WNBA conference finals matchup between the LA Sparks and Minnesota Lynx.

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