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I'm about half way on the Nicholas Sparks Love – Hate scale.I feel roughly the same when it comes to all of these movies.

Over all, I personally found the story to be somewhat lacking in originality, but the characters to be somewhat likable and the third act to be somewhat emotional despite being predictable and rushed. I mean hell, he's made eleven movies out of this gig, I guess he's doing something right.And yes The Choice feels the same, and it's not really anything new. The difference in these movies are the actual characters, however trivial or gimmicky these differences may be.The dialogue is cheesy, but the actors are competent enough and do sell the emotion.Especially on Benjamin Walker's part playing Travis, I admit he turned out to be pretty likable even after being initially unlikable. Whether they are phoning it in or not, I believe that the actors do a good job here.

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