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MAHER: This is a one way -- loyalty is a one way street in this government. When the troops come home and they're injured, you're on your own, pal. So why are you there, General Petraeus, would be next question? MAHER: We have to get over this idea that there is something called victory in Iraq. In other words, saying to Congress, you really support the troops? MAHER: Well, you know, the last time I was here, we were talking about the -- what I think is David Mamet's (ph) great idea, that the Democrats never raised a bet. You're the ones who are hurting the troops by sending them into an impossible situation and by defunding, who would be bringing the troops home." Why don't you write it into the law that says nom, we're not going to leave them standing in their underwear hitchhiking home with a B. The British are pulling out now, our chief ally in the coalition of the willing... But to put it in perspective, when Mc Cain was a prisoner in Vietnam, George Bush was wasted. (END VIDEO CLIP) KING: We will get to things Mc Cain and Giuliani and the like. MAHER: Well, you know, it obscured the real crime for a lot of people, those who were following that to begin with, which was not that many. So we never got to the bottom of the real crime, was who outed this CIA agent? And they said look, fan out, find some gullible reporters -- you know, Pulitzer Prize winners -- and tell them this... tell them this about Joe Wilson and his wife, who works for the CIA -- whoops.

KING: Cheney challenged Congress to prove its support for U. But, yes, I mean Libby was a guy who lied us into a war and he worked on commission. But I think people forget that the reason why we haven't gotten to the bottom of the real crime was because he was lying. And I know the right-wing likes to say ah, well, Valerie Plame, you know. There was also in the paper last week something about severe poverty in America, people who are trying to survive with a family of four on less than ,000 a year. Well, I'm just saying all these are examples of people who are dying or are going to die because of this regime. MAHER: And I would -- well that one I would put under the category of what I first said... MAHER: They said, you know, gosh, darned that the assassination attempt didn't work. Yes, it's against the law to say we're having a plot to kill somebody in high office. And I did say that I had no doubt that if Bush and Cheney were out of office, by whatever means, more people would live. I read -- the headline in the "New York Times" today said something about, you know, people for -- coming back from Iraq with grave injuries, have a lot of trouble finding care. MAHER: Did you see "60 Minutes" Sunday about all the people we have used in Iraq to help us, those middle class people, those people who wanted a democracy, who helped us as translators and so forth. Now that we've made Iraq a Hobbesian mess that could never support these people because they have a target on their back. Defunding is just saying we don't want this pointless nightmare to continue. Now, he was on David Letterman's show announcing his presidential campaign and he -- he pulled a Joe Biden. He used the word "wasted" to describe the lives lost in Iraq. MAHER: Well, it would be the same as if I pulled a little string out of your sweater. Bush mentioned that in his State of the Union speech in January of 2003. Yes, because he was not the only one who was spreading this to reporters. And -- and some time after that, they must have had a meeting after the you know what hit the fan and said ooh, this has not gone as well as we hoped. Well, Karl Rove is Bush's guy and he's the president. Lithuania -- I'm not kidding about this -- Lithuania said this week they are "seriously considering reducing their force of 53 troops." (END VIDEO CLIP) (COMMERCIAL BREAK) (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP FROM "REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER, COURTESY HBO) MAHER: And you heard about the big John Mc Cain gaffe. Why did they seem to overreact to this op-ed article by a kind of obscure ambassador?

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(END VIDEO CLIP) KING: What's America's most controversial comic going to say next about the president, about everyone trying to be the next president and, yes, even about Anna Nicole Smith.

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